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Among all the products of biometric authentification, FASCAN is that which is user-friendly being given its facility of use and comfort for the user. It is enough to be presented in front of FASCAN, of saying its name, or a short sentence which can be coded, to look at itself as in a mirror in a small screen which is put automatically at the height of your face. FASCAN analyzes your voice, your sentence of presentation, the features of your face, and the gate to you by wishing you a welcome message opens personalized (Hello Mrs. DUPONT… FASCAN which functions with a video camera, will record the image of the person who will try an intrusion, if this intruder manages to imitate your voice perfectly, and knows your name, or phrases it coded which is used to you as ‘' sesame, opens ‘'


The person having to be authenticated presents, says her name, looks at herself, and is recognized. The gate opens in less than 2 seconds.
One sees here lighting, the monitor, the loudspeaker and the microcomputer.
In this version, FASCAN measures:
200 mm thickness, 450 mm of width, 2 m height
FASCAN adapts automatically to the people measuring
between 1,43 and 2,05 m


FASCAN makes the same thing as the police officer of Airport which controls if the photograph of your passport corresponds well to your face


FASCAN replaces, or comes in complement from all the systems from existing physical access security. It can supplement the access by badge, card, code PIN

FASCAN is with difficulty vandalisable, it is unaware of the problem of stains, maintenance, voluntary degradation, hygiene of contact, and it records the image of the face of the intrus

FASCAN can be assembled in a terminal, a gate, in a hopper, in connection with pointer.

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