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HOROSCAN is a system of biometric control using a reader of fingerprint. It becomes integrated into the systems of control existing schedule or to create.

Consisted of a reader who analyzes the drawing of the fingerprint of the index, it discovers who appears, and registers the date and the hour of the contact.

Connected with the data processing of the customer, it allows the reassurance and the fiabilisation of the control schedule in companies.

Of a very reasonable cost, this system allows to reduce the depenses of managements of schedule by the simplification of the procedure, indeed, it is not then necessary any more to administer cards or badges, it is HOROSCAN software, installed in the data processing of the customer, who will register all the data.


For every use, this software is personalized, it works on PC, autonomous or in network, under W. 95,98, Me or NT .

On option, with a card of adaptable command or order, one will be able to activate an event, such as the opening of a door.

The fingerprint in given its letters of nobility to the anthropometry, technical revealing by Mister Bertillon, Prefect of police of Paris in the end of 18-th century. This biometric measure is particularly reliable, with a rate of error lower than 1 for 10 000. The advantage of this process is its weak cost. The inconvéniant is willingness required for its use, as most of the biometric technology of measures.


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